Inspiration & Guidance for Spiritual Awakening


This site is designed of offer practical and inspiring support to those who experience the awakening of kundalini energy,whether by practice and intention, or spontaneously through meditation, NDE, transmission, Buddhist or yogic practices, Qigong, breathwork, trauma, or any other event.

Bonnie Greenwell Ph.D. is a non-dual teacher in the tradition of Adyashanti, and a transpersonal psychologist with more than 30 years of focusing on the issues that arise with spiritual awakening. Over years of training she has explored energy and breathwork practices, kundalini and ashtanga yogas, Zen, Jin Shin Do acupressure, Jungian psychology, and many other fields related to spiritual and personal growth.

Bonnie is the author of “The Kundalini Guide” and “The Awakening Guide”, available on amazon and kindle, and of “Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process”, published in 1990 and currently out-of-print. She contributed to the anthologies “Kundalini Rising”,”God in All World” and “Voices on the Threshold of Tomorrow”.  She has consulted with over 2000 people who have had kundalini arisings, and is available for phone and skype consultations.  After several deep awakenings she was invited to teach by her mentor, Adyashanti, and she offers non-dual programs at Shanti River Center in Ashland, Oregon.  In addition to her work, she finds great pleasure in her grandchildren and in the lovely Ashland community.


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